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charlotteschaos in matthewguion

Runway: FW08 Loudermilk Video

See Matthew on the runway (mov)


But of course! If you're going to have only one male in a show.... kind of a no-brainer. :D Goodness he looks smashing.

This designer should stay away from floor loving lengths - the models looked terrified they were going to trip. Otherwise, I adore this collection.

Thanks for the link!
Some of those female models looked really green on the runway. That second one Matt walked with looked like she got lost towards the end and almost ran into him!

btw, did you see this? Check out what happens on Thursday nights!
He looked like he was steering her at one point. I thought it made them look more like a couple, lol.


Matty can be my host! :DDD
If I weren't such a lazy stalker, I could go up there and get a look in person. But alas. Lazy stalker :)

Very cool to know what he's up to outside of modeling, though! He was in a Moet ad listed as working for Jet in Vegas last year or so.