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charlotteschaos in matthewguion

FW08 Show Package



Oooh! Veeeeery nice. His new look reminds me of this pic of Boyd:


Thanks for posting this. :)
It reminded me of that, too.

I think Matthew does it better :)
Word to that!
Which isn't to say that either boy would be kicked from the bed for eating crackers, but... wow. Matthew really pulled that off.
I think it's the little scar on his forehead. At least, I think it's a scar...

Any history on that? >.>

I wasn't even there that weekend!



But no, I really don't know if that's the light or if he's been getting into bar brawls. I do like to think about the bar brawls, though.
Of course. So does Harry.
Kinkead? I keep thinking I should set him up with a comm, but then just not doing it, because I'm slacky enough with the ones that I have. Plus there's really not much to update other than the odd Mooks ad, the lazy life-having bastard.
I'd love to agree that he is a lazy life-having bastard, but I've no idea who you're talking about. I meant Potter - Harry Potter. *blushes*
Haha! Oops!

Haha he's the snuggly dark-haired one in this picture :)
With Boyd, I presume.
haha yes, that's Boyd. They did a few photoshoots together. The most notable was Asexual Revolution by Steven Meisel in W.