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charlotteschaos in matthewguion

Editorials: Random Magazines, b/w

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Another fab post. I need to make me a mattie folder to store these gorgeous pics. *drools* I can see Harry licking/nipping those collar bones.
Yo, Char, have you seen this post:


I think the artist used one of ther above images for her inspiration. And what a terrific job she's made of it.
Oooh that is gorgeous! Matthew is very inspiring all around!
He most certainly is! My daughter's boyfriend is with the same model agency, although based in the UK. I note he comes from NY. I wish i could spot him while I'm on my holiday.
Ooooh that would be fantastic. I'd be so jealous!
We didn't spot him. *pouts* NY was brilliant though.
Aww :( It's such a huge place, it would've been an incredible coincidence! I haven't been there in years, and by years, I mean... years. Not NYC proper. My family is in New York, but not in the city.
We went upstate on Thursday to visit sesptwd - so much woodland around.