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charlotteschaos in matthewguion

Runway: FW08 Vuitton

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OMG! Teenwitch's boy friend was there, walking for Prada. I asked her to ask him to look out for Matty (they are in the same agency) but she wouldn't. Still, I suppose it's embarrassing having one's mother drooling over a young chap.

Nice pics and that's a nice arse in the first pic.
Aww how mean! What would it hurt to just have a conversation with him and see if he's a nice guy and get a backstage pic? She's a spoilsport!

Looks like he's growing his hair out again!


He is wonderful in person

I worked with Matthew's dad up until a few months ago and he came in a few times. He is as beauitiful in person and such a wonderful and nice person. He's originally from Indiana. Not sure if you knew that or not. His dad, John, said to come check out his photos and that's how I ended up here. Just thought you'd like to know he's a real sweetie in person.


Re: He is wonderful in person

I'm happy to read that. He's had a great career and it's been fun to watch his career. It makes it even better that he's a nice guy. :) Thanks for commenting!



I am Matt's dad and I agree with Chris and her comments. I am a little biased but Matt is a sweet young man with a heart of gold. He would do anything for his friends and family. I just wish that I could say that he got his looks from me.


Re: Matthew

Oh I'm certain he got his good genes and heart of gold from somewhere :) His sweetness shines through his pictures, it's a rare gift.


Re: Matthew

I am Matt's aunt and I have to admit that he gets his good looks from me. Actually, Matt is a great guy and we love him dearly!



Re: Matthew

I used to work with Mattew's dad. I would doctor Matt and his brother and sister's baby pics with fake moustaches and bones through their noses, you know, the usual stuff. (Matt's Dad is crazy-funny). Just the glass in the frame, though. Even then I saw Matt's awesome potential as a model...not! Sorry, Matthew.

He does get his looks from his aunt and his mother!

He's a great kid and I enjoy seeing his success.



hey, hope u don't mind a random adding to this... it's funny, i googled Matt as we were having a debate about modeling and was both surprised, amused and yet really delighted to find this thing! He has no idea it even exists, I'm sure! That so many people from all different walks of live notice him and come together through the internet in appreciation of him. Well I am lucky enough to be one of his best friends, and an admirer, of course! For all those who speculate whether he is a nice guy.... You have no idea! Genuine, easy going, un-judgemental, kind hearted (lover of dogs and children - of course he is!) and has time for everyone. I always knew he was beautiful, thats plain to see, but getting to know him takes it to a whole new league, he's quite simply bowled me over. He's goofy and sexy and funny and artistic, a little airy and idealistic at times, but it only adds to his charm. The most ironic thing is? He has no clue! He doesn't see what he is! Probably a good thing for perhaps if he knew he'd be an arrogant tosser. But he isn't. Thank you to all those who have said such kind things, i will make sure he see's it, as i want him to know his worth, the effect he has on people and believe me when I say he's stunning! thank you :) .......b
It's good to know he's as lovely on the inside than the outside. If he does stop by, I hope he clues us in to where more pictures might be! We miss him!