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charlotteschaos in matthewguion

More Random pictures

I know some of these are older. Don't know when these were updated, but I found them today and now I'm sharing!

Love the hair here!

And here.


You're creeping me out, I was just thinking about this comm yesterday. :O

Damn, he is delicious in those pants.

Thank you for posting these! :D
There must've been a Matty schism in the universe. He actually showed up in a dream last night. Don't get excited, he just showed up for Thanksgiving dinner :) In the dream he was an old family friend and I was happy to see him. I'm not sure what he represented, but it was nice and I thought, "I haven't done a Matty search in a while."

And... tadaa!
That is SO SWEET! :D :D :D
He definately needs to model more!
I agree!